MMC Outing- Lake Vermilion, Minnesota – October 11-18, 2020 Vermilion Dam Lodge

I hope all of you are healthy and well at this time. I’m setting up a trip to Lake Vermilion, Minnesota for October 11-18. Sunday to Sunday. We’re staying at Vermilion Dam Lodge. 2020 has been a long year, we’re locked out of Canada, so I’m setting this trip up to catch a MONSTER! Currently the resort has a lot of availability this week, so I’m extending the invitation out to all of you. I’ve stayed here before, it’s an awesome resort, and a beautiful lake to fish. Looks just like Canada! It’s a 10 hour ride from Chicago. The owner said about $350 a guy for the week. Prorating all his cabins for me. Anybody staying extra days, about $50 a night. You can add days on the back end if you want to stay longer, but not before, and we’re an afternoon check in on Sunday. The trip starts on Sunday, not Saturday. The lake also has great fishing for smallmouth, largemouth, pike, walleye, and panfish. 
Let me know if anyone is interested, partners are probably best, but I can try to hook you up with another member as well. Maybe 3 in a boat. Bunch of club guys are already going. The lodge has deluxe rental boats available if needed.
I’m sure many of you have heard it’s been a tough open water bite for muskie on Lake Vermilion through July. There have been a bunch of mid to upper 40s fish caught in recent weeks right on structure, and BIG fish are showing as well. So don’t believe everything you hear, it’s all a big secret when fishing gets good up there.
Vermilion Dam lodge is in a wind protected area in the middle of the lake, so you have reasonable access to both the east and west sides. The casino is in Tower, MN on the far east side, right on the water. 
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See Below. This is what the resort is doing differently due to Covid-19.
From Vermilion Dam Lodge,

The Minnesota Governor announced that resorts are allowed to open this season contingent on operating with specific resort guidelines and with a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that addresses state and federal Government agencies recommendations.  


What Vermilion Dam Lodge is doing to keep people safe during your stay: 

1. Extensive cabin and facility cleaning using recommend and approved cleaning supplies.
2. Using an outside commercial laundry business for all cabin linens and towels.
3. Staff trained on Covid-19 guidelines on cleaning cabins.
4. Guests are asked to bring their own blankets for the beds. All pillows, sheets, towels are provided. 

Social Distancing:
1. Signs posted throughout the resort to remind people to maintain safe social distance around Staff and other guests.
2. Lodge Store is kept closed and only available to VDL guests upon request from dock staff. Lodge game room has capacity of 10 people
3. Upgrading resort internet to include adding WI-FI to all cabins to reduce need to come down to the Lodge for WI-FI access.  
4. Posted signs to prevent non-registered cabin guests from coming off the lake and driving into the resort for resort visits.
5. Established a direct check in and check out process (go directly to your cabin vs lodge) if desired.
6. Maximum of two people in the laundry building and fish house at a time. 

What will be different at the resort for 2020:
1. The Lodge dining room will not be open for serving meals. All guests on the resort Meal plan option will have their meals delivered to the cabin.
2. We will not be offering the weekly fish fry.

What will be the same for 2020:
1. Outdoor use of all recreational equipment (kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, playground and fishing dock).
2. Swimming pool was approved to be opened on June 9 with 50% capacity
3. Summer family activities ( kids fishing contest, canoe trip , T-shirt painting)
4. Staff services (fish cleaning, dock service ) 

Our objective for 2020 is to create an environment where people can come to VDL and enjoy a relaxing, fun vacation by simply following safe guidelines.  The level of service has not changed.  

To ensure the safety of all the guests and staff we are asking all of our guests with 2020 reservations: If you have come in direct physical contact with a person that has recently been tested positive for Covid 19 or if you have had any symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath…please contact us to reschedule or cancel your reservation.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
You can email me here or call or text my cell phone and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 
Cell: 630-302-0759
Larry Downes  

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